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Below are listed the whole of the courses which I followed at the University of Sheffield, UK and the IAE of Montpellier, France.
I am currently doing the last year of this formation which will lead on a Masters Degree in International Trade & Business Management
To know more about IAE: Consult the website
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flecheMy courses in M2 - Master Degree in International Business Management

flecheMy courses in M1 - 1srt year of Master Degree in International Business Management

flecheMy courses in Licence3 - BA specialising in International Management

cv03Master 2

+5 years after High School Diploma

From September 2008 to June 2009 (to end up with an internship starting in June 2009).
Subjects: E-business, E-Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Operations, Research and Assessment, Finance, International Financial Management, decision theory, informatics, development of SMEs / SMOs, Human Resource Management, Law, Economics, Intercultural Management, Sales , International Negotiation, English, Spanish, Linguistic & Intercultural Awareness, Communication.


bookkeeping and finance general bookkeeping
introduction to finance
economic & legal environnement l economy
international financial management
marketing marketing strategy
Survey and diagnosis marketing
organzsation of firm microeconomy
statistic statistics
theorie of decision
Language & data processing english
data processing
business international business
international negociation
Marketing Development of SME/SMO
international marketing
Management interculturality
human ressources management


cv03Master 1 semestre 2 - Specialising in International Business

+4 years after High School Diploma
October 2007 to june 2008

Languages English
statistic & probability
Information data processing Recherche operationnelle
Statistiques et probability
Strategy and diagnosis strategy of organisations
Intelligence economy
Negociation Business Communication Commercial-negociation
Marketing B to B Marketing Business to Business
Buying Strategy
Languages & methodology methodology


cv03 Master 1 semestre 1 - Business Management

+4 years after High School Diploma
September 2006 to january 2007

Organization & economy Theories of organization
Theories of the firm
Data system General bookkeeping
Analytic bookkeeping
Marketing strategy Strategic marketing
Survey and diagnosis marketing
Information & decision Business data processing
Business game
Finance Financial decision
Financial diagnosis
Human ressources management Human ressources management


cv03Licence semestre 2 - International Management

+3 years after High School Diploma
February 2006 to june 2006

Intercultural Intercultural Management
Intercultural Awareness
Business International Trades
International negociation
Marketing international development
international marketing
Economy and financial management financial economy
international finance management
languages english
projetcs communication project


cv03 Licence semestre 1 - Business Management

bookkeeping & finance General bookkeeping
Introduction to finance
Economic & legal environment General economy
marketing Strategic marketing
Operational marketing
Organization of firm Organization
Statistics Statistics
Decision theory
Languages & Data processing English
Data processing