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Cybelle NGUYEN's Resume
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Tel. +41(0) 7 666 82664
Avenue Echallens 48, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland 
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born on 7th april, 1984 in Montpellier -french nationality - holder of driving licence & B working Permit


cv03 Objectives

Make myself an invaluable part of your team; to learn new technical, cultural and team-building skills; to reach exciting goals and to take responsibilities.

cv03 Employment History

From Sept. 2014 :

 Administrative assistant & Database Manager (Foundation's name available under request, Lausanne, Suisse)

Beginning with a one-month mission contract with Adecco, before integrating the internal team as officer with a permanent contract

80% information System officer

20%  office assistant

  • Archiving, document processing
  • Reception
  • Correspondances
  • Research and resolve data issues and answer queries from management with the IT suppliers
  • Diagnosys of internal working procedure using Filemaker database and requirement for process optimization
  • Data integration and correction of the interface
  • Development of various functions for the information system (automation of data production for supporting logistics entities related to event management, members integration, letters and so on...)
  • Organising the office layout and maintaining supplies of stationery and equipment
  • Management tools for statistics and analyse

 Jan. 2014 - May. 2014 :

Office & Information System Assistant (Temporary mission for Adecco, Lausanne, Suisse)
for Bonnard & Lawson International Law Firm

80% information System officer

20%  office assistant

  • Archiving, document processing
  • Integration of administrative and accounting data on SAP
  • Document reconciliations across large databases to ensure the highest data accuracy - reconstruction of fiscal record
  • Research and resolve data issues and answer queries from management
  • Diagnosys of company internal working procedure and requirement for process optimization

Jan. 2013 - Aug. 2013 :




Office & Information System Manager (Sorachim SA, Lausanne, Suisse)
for Pharmaceutical Industry

80% information System Manager

20%  office Manager

  • Diagnosys of company internal working procedure and requirement for optimization
  • Installation and configuration of an ERP (Selectline),
  • Supplier & Customer data integration
  • Spreading the use of the ERP system to dedicated team
  • Coordination of information system between offices in France, Spain and Switzerland,
  • Controlling task for supply management : performance analysis of suppliers / contractors, management of accounts payables, review and verify invoices and check requests, set invoices up for payment,
  • Data integration: enter and upload invoices into system, track expenses and process expense reports, prepare en process electronic transfers and payments, monitor accounts, research and resolves invoice discrepancies and issues
  • Order management, reporting and analysis
  • Correspondance in french, english & spanish

ERP Selectline installed, 4 people using it between French, Spanish and Swiss Offices

Aug. 2011 - Nov. 2012 :




Sourcing & Product Manager (Expansys PLC, Montpellier,  France)

  • Manage and control pricing and contractual issues by developing a thorough understanding of company procedures,
  • Develop new suppliers, Analysis of the performance of suppliers / subcontractors,
  • Sourcing & order tracking (confirmation, deadlines, reminders, reception, price control)
  • Order Management, Monitoring needs,
  • Reporting and analysis of procurement strategy and sales and marketing policy.
  • Strategic monitoring of sales opportunities,
  • Technical Proposal to optimize sales reporting and IS to IT departement
  • Correspondance in french, english, spanish

+115K€ CA for Gaming range (+44% growth)

+1 pt margin for TV & Gaming

+3 new suppliers in Spain, Germany, Belgium

Mar. 2011- Jun. 2011 :



Executive & E-commerce Assistant (Wany Robotics, Montpellier, France)
For Robotics

30%  executive assistant

70% E-Commerce Assistant

  • Evaluation of needs for optimizing the web shop
  • Support the launch of new customer forum
  • Configuration, testing and website management for Wany Robotics on Drupal
  • web catalogue conception
  • Administrative support for direction

Development of after-sales departement and customer forum for Wany Products

 Dec. 2009 - Mar. 2011 :

ambassade de France in Singapore

Agency For Science, Technoloy And Research in Singapore

Liaison Officer for Technology, (French Embassy & A*Star at Singapore)

Based in Agency for Science, Technology And Research (A*Star) - Singapore

* Animation / Communication / Public Relations: Development of a network within the Singapore scientific community to understand its organization and to facilitate interaction and information flow
* Strategic, scientific, technological market research : Business and technologic monitoring, market studies, strategic scientific watch, prospecting, establishing a database (researchers, labs, projects), networking (PR), research mapping management (assessment, competence, expertise, monitoring teacher-researchers visiting activities ...), ensure scientific and technological relevance for French scientists, academics and industrial exploitation of French science and contribution to the French attractiveness
* Prospecting: identifying interesting partners in terms of skills or technology and concerned by  collaboration in scientific projects or join technology (website, database ...)

* Web Management : Database Backup and setting a reporting system for defect configuration notification, Merlion call for project Management and optimization of database extraction (MySQL) through the website, content publication, Improving automation file system for web subscription to Merlion Call for Project

* Management : Assistance to researchers from Singapore to set up bilateral (or multilateral) projects,  organizing visits of Singaporean and French researchers in both countries and support the establishment and organization of bilateral scientific events,
* Administration :   Interface with the scientific sector of the Embassy in particularly for tracking projects engineering funded by the Embassy in programs "Merlion" and "Merlion PhD" which will be promoted by me,
 * Information / Communication: Participation in scientific activities of the Embassy (interviews with scholars, visits to laboratories with missionaries, writing calls for projects, participation in department meetings ...).

Sept. 2009- dec. 2009 : Sales Assistant Manager (Wany Robotics - Montpellier, France)
Planning business strategy, canvassing, phoning, sales, Customer relations assistant manager
• Deep understanding of the market needs and positions in order to define a clear position of Wany Robotics brand
• Contribution to the development of the strategic lines for the products and smooth coordination for the implementation of the products development;
• Cooperation with the sales force and the product managers, in order to assure the most suitable way of marketing for the products and services of the company.

Business Development Assistant / Managing Technological watching ,Strategic scanning, Competition monitoring ( Plug To Go / Smartcom, Sophia Antipolis, France)
*My mission : collecting and updating statistics, assessing market trend, preparing market strategy, prospecting partnership

Summer 2008 :

webmarketing/communication manager ( Delengua, Granada,Espagne) - internship 3 month
* I managed the internet marketing, technical development, content and commercial partnerships

06/06-12/06: e-business/communication assistant (Dirox - Synexser, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) - internship 6 month
* setting up management tools, marketing on e-market, logo design, website, communication strategy, etc.
Summer 2005 :

Internship in Groupe Nickel (Baillargues), attached to the Communication department - 3 month
* definition of a adapted communication strategy. Communication : creation of a logo, of communication documents, advices for the website, etc.

Summer 2004 :

Internship in the Local Agency of France Télécom (Montpellier) attached to Legal and Litigation Department - 2 months

*placement, immersion in the professional world to understand the importance of organization of resources for each service

2001 - 2008:

Student job : 2 years hostess for event, 4 month in a shop, part-time job as stock & logisitics manager for events, waitress in Macadam Pub (1 year), McDonalds'crew member, school supervisor, student job : repairing, servicing setting up of PCs as well as establishment and setting up of website


cv03 Education



School of Business and Administration (IAE)
1rst semester at the University of Montpellier, FRANCE
2nd semester at the University of Sheffield, UK

Graduated of European Master Degree specialising in International Business "Account Manager".

Mains subjects: business management, Law, accountancy, cross-cultural management, Human Resource, marketing, International trade, Financial management, B2B, negociation, international trades & incorterm, logistic




First Year Of European Master Degree specialising in International Business graduated , School of Business and Administration(IAE) - Montpellier

* Marketing: Negotiation, B2B, E-business, E-Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Operational Marketing, diagnostic studies, Management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer loyalty
* Others: Law, Business Intelligence,Competitive intelligence, Business Engineering, Finance, Account Management, Management, Sales and Trading, English and Spanish



BA graduated, specialising in International Trades Management.
IAE, Montpellier

* Transportation and Logistics: Negotiation, international taxation, shipping, international finance, Incoterms, etc..



Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT)- Campus Béziers:
- a higher education institution belonging to the University of Montpellier -
DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie) - Diploma
2-years studies in technological fields specializing in Services and Communication networks (ICT area)
Mains subjects: Communication,Multi-media computer graphics
(Desktop Publishing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Logo Design, Web design, leaflets, packaging, new technologies of information & communication )


2003: High School Diploma with specialization in General Science and
Lycée Joffres, Montpellier

cv03 Additional skills

Languages : French: native
English: good understanding, expression and writing
Spanish: Good understanding, expression and writing

vietnameese: bilingual
Computer literate: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Technical level: Web (HTML, CSS, good notions of PHP), Desktop Publishing /Multimedia Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver), database Mysql and CMS (Joomla)


cv03 Additional informations

Reading: Magazines (Marketing Magazine, Marketing Direct), novels, websites
Interest: Web culture, Web design, and making website, also travel management (Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, Singapore), interested in urban culture and modern art, photograph, and makeshift job (DIY)


References available upon request