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Below are presented the principal internships, jobs, studies and projects that I carried out in marketing, and some of websites that I made.

cv03Travaux de veille: Chargé de mission en science de l'ingénieur à l'Ambassade de France (Singapour)




French Embassy in Singapore- http://www.ambafrance-sg.org/sciencetech/ (From December 2009)


1. My assignments :
Promoting education and scientific research and assembling French bilateral project. Scientific and technological. Contribution to the Embassy and ADIT reports .


2. Responsibilities and key results:

- Embassy reports and notes available here.


cv03 Intern: Business Development Assistant - Plug To Go / Smartcom

plugtogo http://www.plugtogo.com(since June 2009)

1. My assignment:
My internship started in June.I work on the market development of  innovative products , (Business Intelligence, Business analyze : Technological watching ,Strategic scanning, Competition monitoring) regarding to range order. My analysis will be useful to assess opportunities,market trends, niche market, for specificied products and it will also facilitate the construction of strategies and to take decisions.

2. Responsibilities and key results:
- collecting and updating statistics
- prepare market strategy
- prospecting partnership


cv03 Project : Internet Manager - Association Roules

Association Roules - http://www.association-roules.fr (since February 2009)

1. My missions:
I work in the technical development of the website, writing content, positioning (Search Engine Optimiser, google analytics), design, development partnership .. For summarize, anything that can improve more or less the visibility of the association. Initially a personal project, now I'm even more involved since the association is on the rise and we started new great projects.

2. Responsibilities and key results:
- Writing webpages
- Translating webpages in spanish and english
- Very significant increase in the visibility of the website in 3 languages


cv03Manager, Internet marketing/communication and development


Delengua - Granada, Spain (full time 3 month from juin to august 2008)

1. My missions :
Recruited in June 2008 to establish new communication strategy of the school.Working directly with the leader, I managed the Internet marketing, technical development, the content of the site and the blog, and business partnerships all this in a Spanish environment.

2. Key Responsabilities :
- Writing of French and English pages of different websites from school
- Very significant increase in visibility of the website
- Creation of a campaign sponsored links very large (more than 2000 words) and effective
Google Adwords
- Launch of partnerships with major Internet sites for language teaching


cv03 Communication/Marketing and Event Manager


Student job from January 2007 to June 2008 for Macadam-Pub, Montpellier.

1. The place : http://www.macadam-pub.fr/
Macadam-Pub is one of the nightlife's greatest places in Montpellier where students and young worker are used to party.

  • 2. Mi missions : Communication : creating flyers, updating website, development of partnership and managing events.
  • my creations :


cv03 Internship : webmarketing/communication assistant

Internship for my license diploma, 6 months from June to December 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
1. Company:
Dirox, business outsourcing. Activities: positioning, consultancy e-market and communications, campaign management webmarketing (e-mail, dial, search engine marketing, banners, etc.).
Visit the website of Dirox

2. My missions:

* Communication: creation of print materials to communicate about the services of a platform for e-market (e-muaban). Writing a part of the contents of the website Dirox.

Download report / oral presentation Download


cv03Mission: Creating communication support for the IAE de Montpellier

Development of communication tools for IAE. Mission during the school year 2005/2006 (degree).

1. The company:

IAE de Montpellier to change its data plate to create a communication and sent directly to businesses and prospective students.

See the prototype

2. mission :
The company had just been launched and needed a support level
marketing and communication.

* Benchmarking: a study of the market for management training in Montpellier and marketing analysis of the IAE.
* Communication strategy: on the basis of the previous definition of a communication strategy adapted
* Communication: Creating a logo, a brochure, document types, advice for website, etc..

Download Mission Report


cv03Study: the success of the Freebox

Analysis of the success of the Freebox

Abstract: Study of the launch of the Freebox (market analysis,
marketing mix, strategy launch) and analysis of reasons

Download report / oral presentation Download


cv03Study: Campaign Communication of S116, mobile phone solar

Communication Strategy at international

Abstract: Study on S116 launch of a European market (market analysis,
marketing mix, strategy launch) and creation of communication tools.

Download report / oral presentation Download


cv03 Projets : Website

Here are various websites that I made.

Technologies: PHP, CSS, CMS (Joomla).

Site of the fictional Poseidon Ltd, carried out in 2 days for a simulation
management at the IAE.

Technologies: CSS, HTML, Photoshop for design.

See the site of Poseidon SARL